Ag & Foodtech Symposium 2016

The 2016 Ag & Foodtech Symposium celebrated innovation in the agriculture and food industries, exploring:

  • Innovation in Australian agriculture, with particular focus on translation and adoption
  • Market access, including social and regulatory barriers to commercialisation
  • Agricultural investment – with emphasis on investments at the SME level
  • Northern agriculture – issues specific to the adoption of biotechnology in Northern Australia
  • Southern agriculture – issues specific to the adoption of biotechnology in Southern Australia.

It brought together industry, researchers and investors to discuss areas that industry needs to address in order to accelerate technology translation and the adoption of advanced agricultural and food biotechnology innovations.

Australia’s venture capital industry needs to catch up with local agri-food innovation

Attending the Ag & Foodtech Symposium 2016 in Brisbane, Beanstalk Venture founder Cal Foulner shares his thoughts on how the sector needs to develop if it’s to become a lasting part of Australia’s technology innovation and investment landscape. 

He says the timing is right for the emergence of a vibrant agri-food startup scene in Australia

Read the original article, Australia's Venture Capital Industry Needs to Catch Up with Local Agri-Food Innovation, on AgFunder. 

Keynote speakers

  • Prof. Martin Cole, Director, CSIRO Food & Nutrition Flagship
  • Matthew Cossey, Chief Executive Officer, CropLife Australia, 20 Years of GM Crops
  • Dr Mario Herrero, Chief Research Scientist, OCE Science Leader, CSIRO
  • Dr Mirjana Prica, Managing Director, Food & Agribusiness Growth Centre, Growth Centre Priorities

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