Perfect Pitch 

A short course for those developing Ag and Food Tech who want to attract investors

We have the potential to ‘punch above our weight’ with Australian Ag and FoodTech startups and global venture partnerships to access global venture capital markets. If you are developing an idea or want to learn more about what investors are looking for, then this is perfect for you!

Perfect Pitch is an introductory forum for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to help you asses and communicate your value to investors.


Workshop details

Date:     Tuesday 29th August 2017

Time:     9:00am - 12:00pm

Dress:     Business attire

Venue:     Riverbank room 5
 Adelaide Convention Centre

Cost:     Free (please select during the registration process)

At Perfect Pitch, you can practice your pitch or learn by ‘walking in the shoes of an investor’

If you want a stage to practice a pitch or you’ve ever wanted to be on the ‘comfy seats’ in Shark Tank, then this is your chance. 

You’ll be given insights, briefed by experts and will be expected to provide feedback to a series of pitches, as an investor would. Learn what to keep, drop or build in your pitch.

Program includes:

  • Tools to assess technology and what makes a good pitch.
  • Expert coaching on what to look for and assessing a good pitch (There will be a few seasoned investors and entrepreneurs in the audience as well).
  • A selection of teams will deliver pitches, you will be expected to give feedback.
  • With the tools, you can assess how an investor may view your technology and use the insights to better prepare your pitch.

High growth entrepreneurs know what they don’t know and we want to help you to assess your technology and develop the Perfect Pitch.

We want you to leave with a recipe to raise millions in capital or revenue. 

Developed and presented by Food Innovation Australia Limited, Impact Innovation and Beanstalk.

For more information please contact Angus Crossan

There is no cost to reigster for the workshop, it is included in your Summit registration. To register for the workshop, please select the option during the registration process. 




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