For SMEs and startups

The AusAg & Foodtech Summit 2017 offers SMEs and startups the opportunity to immerse themselves in the agritech and foodtech sector, drawing key stakeholders such as investors, multinational and established companies, industry leaders, researchers and potential partners to one convenient location.

  • Connect with active investors who are ready to invest in emerging agritech and foodtech companies.
  • Build partnerships with multinational and established companies to engage in licensing deals and access exclusive collaboration opportunities.
  • Discover how accelerators, incubators and funding programs can assist you in the path to successful commercialisation.

Advance your agritech and foodtech company by engagaging with our key speakers, including: 

  • Sam Trethewey, General Manager, SproutX, who will discuss initiatives that help advance young companies and advance innovation.
  • Matt Pryor, Chief Technology Officer, Observant, who brought his company to the forefront of internet of things and big data applications.
  • Dr Andrew Kelly, Executive Director, BioPacific Partners, who will outline investment opportunities from an investors point of view.
  • Marnie Buller, Head of Technical Development, Swisse, and Gerard Davis, General Manager of Innovation and Technology, AACo who will share the key to successful partnerships and collaborations.

Special registration offer for startups

Startup companies and primary producers are eligible to receive discounted entry to the AusAg & Foodtech Summit. Find out more about eligibility criteria on our registration page

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